Czech Prime Minister Accuses Russia of Failed Prague Arson Attacks

( – Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala has accused Russia of being behind the June 6th failed attempt to set Prague public transport buses on fire. The 26-year-old Latin American suspect was arrested on June 8th and charged with terrorism in connection with the arson attack. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to life in prison, said police chief Martin Vondrášek.

Prime Minister Fiala stated there is a strong suspicion that the attack was organized and financed by Russia. He suggested that this attempt was part of Russia’s ongoing hybrid war against Czechia. Fiala pointed out that such actions are intended to undermine public trust in the state.

Czechia has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict with Russia. Fiala reminded everyone that this was not the first such incident, citing a significant ammunition depot explosion allegedly caused by Russian spies. In 2021, Czech leaders claimed they had evidence of involvement by two Russian military agents in the 2014 explosion, which resulted in two fatalities. Russia has consistently denied any involvement in these incidents.

The prime minister emphasized that the failed attack on Prague’s buses is likely part of a broader campaign by Russia to stoke chaos and fear in Europe. Fiala mentioned recent arson attacks in a branch of Ikea in Lithuania and another in Warsaw, which authorities believe were carried out by Russian intelligence or their proxies.

The suspect involved in the Prague attack was described as a Spanish-speaking man from South America who had only been in the country for five days. Police released CCTV footage showing the man paying for items at a shop or petrol station. They warned the public that he could be dangerous and should not be approached. He was apprehended shortly after the public warning.

Police president Martin Vondrášek confirmed the timeline of the arrest and subsequent prosecution. After asking for public help on June 7th, the suspect was taken into custody on the morning of June 8th. By the afternoon of June 9th, criminal prosecution was underway, and on June 10th, a court ordered that he be remanded in custody.

The Czech authorities remain vigilant and have bolstered security measures in response to the threat, maintaining a high alert to prevent any further attempts at destabilization orchestrated by external forces.

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