Dem Senate Candidate Caught on Camera Yelling at Reporter

( – News cameras captured a heated exchange between Democratic Senate candidate David Trone and Fox 5 reporter Tom Fitzgerald on Tuesday, May 7th. Fitzgerald approached Trone at the B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, Maryland, to speak with him about his social media posts about police and the criminal justice system.

Fitzgerald began his angry tirade by telling Fitzgerald he should be “ashamed of the journalism that you did yesterday!” Trone accused Fitzgerald of picking one line from a much longer post and using it out of context. Trone angrily accused Fitzgerald of not reading the entire post. When Fitzgerald attempted to defend himself, arguing that he did read the entire post, Trone accused him of “shilling” for his Republican senate campaign rival Larry Hogan. During his tirade, Trone railed against Fitzgerald and FOX for the alleged lack of “real journalism.” Fitzgerald calmly attempted to speak with Trone again as he left the gathering and walked to his car. Trone did not acknowledge Fitzgerald.

Trone has faced other controversies in recent months. In March he expressed support for granting citizenship and voting rights to millions of illegal immigrants. Around a week after this incident, Trone was sharply criticized for using a racial slur during a House Budget Committee hearing. Trone claimed he unintentionally used the incorrect word and apologized for using “inappropriate language.”

A new poll is out, only days away from the Maryland Democratic Senate primary that shows Fitzgerald may be losing his frontrunner status to Angela Alsobrooks. The poll conducted by Emerson College shows Alsobrooks with 42% of the vote and Trone with 41%.

Alsobrooks campaigned from her backyard in Prince George’s County on Thursday, May 9th. She claims the new poll confirms voters are tired of the negative campaigning and that her “grassroots coalition” is gaining momentum.

Early voters in Maryland were interviewed about which issues they hold most important. Voters agreed that crime, the economy, education, and reproductive rights were at the top of their list of concerns.

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