Democrat Gets Upset Over National Anthem

US American flag waving in the wind with a blue sky in background

( – Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) was a little miffed that folks attending the Super Bowl failed to stand during the presentation of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” colloquially known as the “Black National Anthem.”

Cohen complained that “very, very few stood” during the song, which he suggested wasn’t a “pretty picture.” Just a few days later the post was severely ‘ratioed,’ with over 11,000 comments and only 1,100 likes. On X, a “ratio” is when the post is so disliked that it garners a noticeable ratio of more comments and quote tweets to likes.

A top comment with over 10,000 likes suggested that the “AMERICAN national anthem” was colorblind and claimed that Democrats have been engaged in dividing Americans with racial differences.

This year’s game marked the second time the black national anthem was presented; Andra Day performed the lyrical poem. Reba McEntire sang the national anthem and Post Malone sang “America the Beautiful.” “Lift Every Voice and Sing” was written in the late 1800s by James Weldon Johnson.

Cohen is the only Democrat in Tennessee’s delegation who represents the 9th Congressional District, a predominantly black district.

Cohen complained that the American national anthem promotes slavery. The United States hasn’t officially tolerated slavery since the mid-19th century; however, it’s been suggested there are more slaves today than ever before in history. The U.N. estimates over 40 million people are living under some form of slavery today which is three times the number of slaves that existed during the peak of the American chattel slave trade.

Cohen’s complaint about failure to stand during a song would have been a much more severe indictment had he pointed out the tendency of human trafficking to spike around the annual contest. It’s been known for years that incidents of human trafficking spike around major sporting events. Las Vegas tolerates prostitution, making the detection of criminal trafficking even more difficult.

The incident highlights how Democrats make mountains out of molehills while ignoring severe problems like human trafficking.

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