Democrat Strategist Makes a Disturbing Comment about Trump

( – James Carville, Democratic Party strategist and former staffer for Bill Clinton used the term “wet work” during an interview on CNN while speaking about Biden’s campaign strategy. Carville told Anderson Cooper that Joe Biden is not skilled at attacking his political opponents and should let others do this “wet work” during his campaign for president against Donald Trump. Carville believes Biden’s supporters don’t want to hear Biden bashing Trump along the campaign trail. Carville said that he and other groups in the Democratic Party should handle that part of the campaign strategy allowing Biden to “cruise along at a better altitude.”

The term wet work is normally associated with the CIA as a euphemism for assassination or spilling blood. Carville told Cooper the term is used by the CIA to mean “take a guy out.” Even Cooper stated it “sounds like a mob hit.” Carville then explained he meant they should use “paid TV and stuff like that” to campaign against Trump.

Carville has used violent rhetoric before when referring to campaigning against Trump. In January he told Jen Psaki of MSNBC he would go after Trump “with a meat cleaver” and then emphasized that he meant a “rhetorical” meat cleaver. He continued with the violent euphemisms saying Democrats have to keep their foot on Trump’s neck and then “take our heel and twist it.” In February he told CNN anchor Jim Acosta that in politics, when the opponent is down, you just “kick the living you-know-what out of ‘em.”

Carville’s most recent use of violent rhetoric comes only a week after a comment by Donald Trump was taken out of context by Democrats and the media. Trump used the word “bloodbath” during a rally in Ohio when referring to the fate of the auto industry in America if Biden keeps pushing the electric car agenda. The video clips went viral and Trump was accused of trying to incite violence if he were to lose to Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

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