Democratic Mayor Vetoes Probe Into Her Spending

( – A local board in Dolton, Illinois issued a resolution to have the Mayor of the small village investigated by the FBI for allegedly misusing funds. Democratic Mayor Tiffany Henyard vetoed the resolution, which also called for her to submit financial records for the village, on Monday, March 4th. Henyard allegedly spent taxpayer money to take extravagant trips as well as hire a personal security detail and a professional hair and makeup team.

Heynard responded to the accusations claiming she, along with the black community in the village, were “under attack”. During a board meeting, it was revealed that Dolton owes over $800,000 for tree-trimming and street paving services. The Mayor claims that only “one side of the story” was told at the board meeting. As recently as last month, lease payments were missed causing a bank to threaten to repossess more than a dozen vehicles leased to the village of Dolton, including police cars. The payments were made after a report was published.

Henyard’s combined salaries for her positions as Mayor and Thornton township supervisor total around $285,000. The median income for residents of Dolton is approximately $24,000. As township supervisor, Henyard has put forth an ordinance to cut the salaries of non-incumbent supervisors to $25,000. Municipal attorney Burt Odelson condemned the action saying it violates many tenets of the law.

Many residents are demanding Henyard step down. Lawrence Gardner, a business owner, claims the Village of Dolton declined to renew his business license. His business was shut down and raided by police. Gardner claims this is harassment and retaliation because he declined a request by Henyard to donate to a civic event.

Henyard defended her actions while promoting her podcast where she claims she will reveal “facts” about the controversy. Henyard claims she was chosen by God and is saddened by people focusing “on the minute things”.

According to FOX 32, the FBI has been speaking to local residents and business owners about the matter.

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