DeSantis Drops Failing Presidential Run and Endorses Trump

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended his campaign and endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination on Sunday, January 22nd, just two days before the New Hampshire primary. DeSantis made the announcement in a video posted to X (Twitter) wherein he described his positive vision for America’s future.

Citing prayers and deliberations after coming in second place in Iowa, DeSantis suggested there wasn’t a “clear path to victory,” and said he was proud of the work they’ve done so far. He said Republicans want to give Donald Trump another chance at the office and are frustrated by Democrat-led weaponization of law enforcement and the Department of Justice to stymie his political campaign.

DeSantis highlighted how he differed from Trump in the handling of the pandemic and their support for policies suggested by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was the previous director of NIAID and helped craft much of the pandemic response.

DeSantis said that he would honor a previous pledge to support the GOP nominee whoever it is, and suggested challenger Nikki Haley, who came in third place in Iowa, represents a corporate crony brand of Republicanism that doesn’t benefit the American people.

DeSantis began the primary with big hopes and a huge political war chest of over $100 million. His campaign floundered and was beset with problems, however. His hotly anticipated campaign announcement was beset by technical problems on X. His campaign staff has been shifted and shuffled several times. His campaign was heavily criticized for using AI-generated images of Trump kissing Fauci which they first denied were AI and then acknowledged and doubled down on their use, suggesting the images were artistic interpretations and thus justified.

DeSantis’ political future is now questionable as he’s term-limited in Florida for the Governorship. After putting a lot of effort into the ground game in Iowa, he received just 21% of the vote, 30 points less than Trump. Whether he’ll receive an appointment in a potential Trump administration remains to be seen.

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