Donald Trump Teases Bright Political Future for Ramaswamy

( – Former President Donald Trump is hinting that former primary rival Vivek Ramaswamy will be affiliated with his campaign going forward and likely have a role in his administration if he wins in November.

Trump made the remarks during a campaign event in New Hampshire where Ramaswamy appeared alongside Trump, making the endorsement official. As Ramaswamy finished his remarks, the crowd began a chant suggesting they wanted him as the vice president.

Trump speaking after Ramaswamy called him “a fantastic guy” and congratulated him on gathering as much support as he did, starting with virtually no name recognition or public support. Trump suggested it was “an honor” to be endorsed by Ramaswamy and then suggested Ramaswamy would be working with him “for a long time.”

Ramaswamy suggested the America First movement was “One movement. Indivisible,” in comments posted on X (Twitter). Trump did not explicitly state what positions he was considering Ramaswamy for in his potential administration.

Jesse Watters asked Ramaswamy how he felt about being the vice president and if he would take the position, and Ramaswamy said he would serve the country in “any way” he could.

Ramaswamy achieved just under 8% of the Iowa caucus vote on Monday, January 15th. He came in fourth place behind Nikki Haley (19%), and Ron DeSantis (21%). Trump received a historic 51% of the caucus vote, which broke two previous records.

Trump beat George W. Bush’s previous record of having the largest plurality of support among caucusgoers; Bush had won in 2000 with 41% of the vote. Trump also achieved the widest margin of victory for the Iowa primary beating Bob Dole who had the previous record of 12% between himself and George H.W. Bush in 1988.

Ramaswamy is now urging Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley to drop out of the primary contest, suggesting that’s the best path forward for the country.

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