Fight Breaks Out at NYPD vs FDNY Hockey Game

( – A fight broke out during Saturday night’s NYPD vs FDNY charity hockey game at UBS Arena. Fans were not disappointed as firefighters and police officers took the opportunity to release some “friendly aggression” on the ice.

A hit from a firefighter shoving a cop against the glass turned into a full-line brawl behind the net. A young boy in the stands excitedly pounded on the glass as referees tried to curb the frenzy as players from both teams were embroiled in the scrimmage. Another fight broke out when an NYPD player threw punches after being shoved by a FDNY player.

When the fight started, FDNY was in the lead 4-0. Although the NYPD fought hard, FDNY secured their sixth victory in seven years with a final score of 6-5. The players broke into another melee after the final buzzer.

The NYPD and FDNY participate in this fundraiser every year. This year’s game raised thousands of dollars to benefit first responder charities. Fans love the entertainment but also attended the event to honor first responders including an officer struck down in the line of duty last month, NYPD Officer Johnathan Diller.

The two departments have a history of squaring off and fighting hard. During last year’s game with only seconds left before the final buzzer, firefighter John Peretta attacked Officer James Hall. After several blows Hall was knocked out cold. A second brawl broke out soon after with firefighters coming out on top, again. NYPD’s best efforts in the game weren’t enough to keep the FDNY from winning with a final score of 8-5.

The annual Hockey Heroes game is a win-win in everything except the final score. The police officers and firefighters get the chance to blow off some steam with some friendly, yet sometimes violent, fun and get the recognition they deserve. The money raised benefits multiple first responder charities and the fans get to enjoy watching New York’s finest fight it out on the ice.

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