Florida Venue Cancels Marjorie Taylor Greene Event

(BrightPress.org) – Georgia Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene is an infamous Republican firebrand in the House of Representatives. She’s been an avid Trump supporter and critical voice in the chamber, asking questions about what really happened on January 6th, which is very unpopular with the ruling establishment.

She’s recently published a book describing her story and evolution from “small-town business owner to MAGA firebrand!” The story is designed to be a humorous recapitulation of Greene’s journey and an encouragement to others to get involved in the political process.

Online ‘activists’ who disagree with MTG decided that she shouldn’t be able to host a book signing and weaponized her political opinions about January 6th to spin the event from a book signing and celebration of Republican women to a “commemoration of the events of January 6th.”

That was all it took to get the venue, Westgate Resorts, to cancel the event. They put out a statement following the cancellation suggesting that they weren’t “made aware” that the event was “a celebration of J6,” instead being told it was a book signing – which it was. In typical leftist fashion, they lied to manipulate someone into doing what they wanted by inciting an emotional response with their deceptions.

January 6th remains one of the most controversial subjects under discussion today. On the left, partisan actors maintain that it was an attempted insurrection while the right maintains it was a peaceful protest with a small handful of violent agitators who were potentially acting on orders from intelligence officials within the FBI or another law enforcement organization.

While the right’s position has been dismissed by New York Times writers as “lacking evidence,” that claim itself is baseless. There is evidence, but it has yet to be scrutinized officially and remains ignored by writers working for a paycheck from the corporate press.

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) who laid out multiple data points that suggest the event was orchestrated by federal authorities more so than Donald Trump or any of his supporters.

Editor of Meidas Touch Ron Filipko tried to claim Greene had nobody show up to the event after the venue was changed, but she posted a photograph showing numerous supporters.

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