Gordon Ramsay’s Property Commandeered by Squatters

(BrightPress.org) – A London pub leased by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been taken over by squatters. The business was temporarily closed while Ramsay was negotiating a new lease on the property when at least six “professional squatters” claimed occupancy of the building. The building is currently up for sale for $16.1 million.

A notice was placed on the front door of the pub signed “The Occupiers” claiming they have the right to stay inside because the pub is not a residential building. The notice threatens anyone who might attempt to enter the building or threaten violence with criminal prosecution. The squatters have boarded the windows, blocked the doors with kitchen appliances, and glued the locks.

Ramsay called the police to have the squatters evicted. The Metropolitan police said in a statement that they were made aware of the situation at the “disused” property but did not respond because the issue is a civil matter. In England, the invasion and occupation of non-residential property is not a crime. If squatters continuously occupy the building for 10 years and act as owners during that time, they can apply to become the registered owners of the property. Police will only take action if other crimes are committed including damage to the property.

Photographs taken before the occupants boarded the windows showed one barefoot individual lying across a black leather sofa with trash and empty wine bottles littering the floor. It is believed the squatters are five men and one woman. A note placed on the front of the building asking for food and clothing donations has been torn down.

A source close to Ramsay told The Sun the squatters managed to bypass security measures to gain entry to the pub and have been cooking in the kitchen which is “galling” for Ramsay. According to the source, Ramsay is “at the end of his tether” and has uttered “a few choice words.”

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