House Judiciary Report Reveals Biden’s CIA Cover-Up

( – A shocking revelation has come to light regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story, a prime example of election interference and government collusion with social media. According to a new report, active CIA agents played a significant role in this incident.

The drama began in 2020, just three weeks before the election when the New York Post put out an article detailing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which had been left at a repair shop. This story was disastrous for the Biden campaign. It exposed influence-peddling activities involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, along with videos showing Hunter Biden using drugs and engaging with prostitutes.

A congressional report now shows how the CIA collaborated to dismiss the story as “Russian disinformation.” In fact, 51 CIA contractors signed a statement claiming the reporting had all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. This statement was frequently cited by the media to support claims that the laptop story was fake.

It has since been proven that the laptop story is entirely real. The laptop was used as evidence in a federal case against Hunter Biden for lying about his drug use on a firearms application. An FBI agent testified that messages and photos on the laptop confirmed his drug use.

The 51 signers of the letter are now known as the “Spies Who Lie.” They were on the CIA payroll when they signed the statement. The House Judiciary report revealed that high-ranking CIA officials knew about the statement before its approval and publication. They had the opportunity to review and verify the statement but failed to do so.

Some of the CIA agents who signed the statement were working on active CIA contracts at the time. This contradicts claims that they did not have access to classified information. Some signers still had special access to secure CIA facilities.

The Hatch Act prevents most CIA employees from engaging in political activities, but it is unclear how this applies to contractors. Regardless, it reflects poorly on the CIA.

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