Hundreds Arrested in Multinational Trafficking Bust

( – On June 24th, INTERPOL reported that authorities from 39 countries conducted a major operation aimed at dismantling criminal networks involved in human trafficking. This resulted in 219 arrests and the identification of 1,374 potential victims, including 153 children. The operation, named GLOBAL CHAIN, was spearheaded by Austria with the collaboration of Romania, FRONTEX, Europol, and INTERPOL.

The operation involved law enforcement actions in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Authorities identified 362 suspects, seized more than 2,000 criminal assets, detected 363 fraudulent documents, and started 276 new investigations.

Human trafficking exists worldwide, often involving vulnerable people due to poverty, violence, and discrimination.

The international operation also aimed to draw attention to human trafficking and the importance of combating it. Interpol’s announcement detailed the scope and results of the operation. Held from June 3rd-9th, Operation Global Chain aimed at dismantling dangerous criminal networks engaged in sexual exploitation, forced labor, and forced begging.

Authorities opened 276 new investigations and identified 362 additional suspects. They seized 2,074 criminal assets, including cash and equipment, and detected 363 fraudulent documents. Checks against Interpol’s global databases resulted in 12 matches, including two individuals wanted under Interpol red notices. An Interpol red notice is an international request for cooperation in locating and arresting a person wanted for extradition by a member country.

Richard Chambers, Interpol’s director of organized and emerging crime, emphasized the global nature of human trafficking and exploitation. Operations like Global Chain demonstrate that human trafficking and exploitation can happen anywhere, affecting all countries and continents. The impact on victims is severe, whether the crime is committed by family members or organized crime groups. The global law enforcement community is dedicated to sharing crucial information to ensure perpetrators face justice.

Lars Gerdes, Operations at Frontex’s Deputy Executive Director, emphasized the difficulty in detecting these crimes. He noted the frequent absence of victim testimonies, which leads to many cases going unreported.

The extensive operation underscores the importance of international collaboration in combating human trafficking and protecting vulnerable individuals worldwide.

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