Illegal Alien Who Killed Child Dodges Deportation

Alleged Smugglers Crash While Fleeing Troopers

( – Karmit Singh, an illegal immigrant from India, had been previously busted, convicted, and jailed for drunk driving in 2020. An eight-year-old boy was killed during the incident. He was arrested again in Fresno for drunk driving in November 2023.

According to the California Department of Corrections, his initial six-year sentence was cut short after just 16 months.

Despite this fact, Singh was in the country illegally and killed someone while drunk driving, ICE opted to allow him to remain. Public records indicate he was busted “multiple times” for DUI afterward and released on bail every time.

The story is timely as Democrats in Congress voted on February 1st against a bill that would mandate deportation for anyone in the country illegally caught drunk driving.

Democrat and George Soros-funded New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg opted not to charge a group of seven illegals who attacked and savagely assaulted NYPD officers who tried to stop them from robbing a drug store last week as well. As the men were being released from jail after being booked, many flipped off cameras, displaying their open defiance of American law.

Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) ironically suggested that the law deporting illegals convicted of drunk driving would create a “two-tier system of justice.” She seemingly ignored the preferential treatment illegals are currently receiving from the government.

Singh served barely a year and a half after murdering a child. People have served more time for tax crimes.

On June 1st, 2023, Singh was busted for driving erratically in the wee hours of the morning, according to police. He initially gave his brother’s ID but eventually acknowledged his actual identity. They drew his blood and found he was well over the legal limit for DUI. Despite being an obvious danger, Singh was released without charges until October 2023. He failed to appear for his court date, however, due to another arrest for DUI in Fresno.

Scott Martzen is the father of the boy Singh killed. He said that had Singh been deported after his first felony conviction in 2016, his son would still be alive.

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