Is It Time for Trump’s VP Announcement?

( – President Trump has been secretive regarding his potential picks for the role of Vice President, but some writers are suggesting Trump should make an announcement soon. Hugh Hewitt is a conservative political commentator with a radio show and sixteen books under his belt. In a recent opinion piece for Fox News, Hewitt outlined his vision for a successful Trump campaign in 2024.

Hewitt’s first suggestion was that Trump needs to make waves in the news cycle at least twice every month. This allows him to set the pace and put forth a vision instead of responding to negative press and attacks from the Biden administration’s DOJ. Dominating the media cycle is key because his enemies control the corporate press, Hewitt implied.

Hewitt also suggested Trump bring back “the list,” which was a list of potential appointees being considered for the nearly 3,000 positions in the executive branch that the president has to decide on between winning an election in November and being sworn in the following January.

Hewitt highlighted how Trump used the tactic in 2016 and he should bring it back in 2024. In 2016, it allowed Trump to show that he was going to pick a conservative replacement for Justice Scalia which reassured many conservative voters. It also allowed them to take part in the decision.

Hewitt suggested Trump should announce his potential picks for VP early as it’ll give him a boost in messaging and fundraising. He added that Trump should continue to release names of potential political appointees every month, which again invites the American people to give crucial input into how the administration will govern.

Hewitt added that he could even juxtapose his selections versus the failures of Biden’s appointees for the same role. Picking someone with a strong background in border protection and military service would make Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas look ridiculous. Mayorkas is currently being impeached in the House for his failure to maintain security at the southern border.

Hewitt made some suggestions for VP, including Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI). He also included former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He noted that all are veterans, and Gallagher brings the added benefit of inspiring swing state Wisconsin voters to support Trump.

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