Jack Smith Corners Trump’s Team

(BrightPress.org) – Special Counsel Jack Smith has filed an in limine motion in an attempt to prevent Trump’s team from raising certain issues during his January 6th trial. The motion is used for contesting the validity of evidence that may be raised at trial and is designed to exclude content considered irrelevant or extraneous to the matter at hand.

The motion will force Trump’s team to decide if they want to attempt to argue against the motion, potentially sacrificing credibility with the court by making arguments the judge finds distasteful, such as the claim that the 2020 election was rigged or otherwise improperly executed in a way that advantaged Joe Biden. Either way they don’t have to respond for months when the trial resumes.

Smith is also requesting that Trump’s team limit their ability to impugn the credibility of the Department of Justice, Joe Biden, or his subordinates like Jack Smith. We saw something similar in his New York trial where Judge Arthur Engoron prohibited Trump from disparaging NY AG Letitia James, or any court officers, including himself, via a gag order.

The events of January 6th virtually ended all debate or discussion of the validity of the 2020 election despite evidence suggesting the contest had problems. You won’t hear about the actual evidence in any corporate mainstream press, in fact, you’ll hear a non-stop consensus reality claiming there’s “no evidence of election fraud.”

Smith’s request is on hold anyway, and it’s unclear why he decided to file it now. The trial itself is stayed pending further input from the appeals courts. Trump has appealed his prosecution on the basis that he is immune as he was the President at the time of the alleged crimes. That appeal is anticipated to eventually end up before the Supreme Court.

Smith had previously attempted to accelerate the process by asking SCOTUS to weigh in sooner rather than later which they declined citing their need for lower court input. The trial is currently scheduled to begin jury selection in February for a March start date.

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