Judge Under Fire from Both Sides as Documents Trial Slows to a Crawl

(BrightPress.org) – On Wednesday, May 22nd, Ty Cobb, a former Whitehouse lawyer for the Trump administration, lashed out at Judge Aileen Cannon for causing delays in Donald Trump’s classified documents case.

Trump is being prosecuted for allegedly mishandling classified documents after leaving the White House. Judge Cannon, a Trump appointee, recently declined to rule on several motions by the defense to dismiss the case, indefinitely postponing the trial that was scheduled to start in May.

Cannon suggested the jury may not understand certain intricacies in the case. Cobb quipped publicly that he thinks “most jurors will have a triple-digit IQ” and said he doesn’t believe they would have the difficulties perceived by the judge.

According to Cobb, Cannon has “no intention of getting this case to trial.” Cobb said that Cannon has been scheduling multiple hearings only addressing one or two motions at a time as a means to intentionally delay the trial until after the 2024 presidential election when Trump and Joe Biden will once again be rivals.

In March, Cobb accused Cannon of acting with a “remarkable misunderstanding” of the Presidential Records Act when she requested proposed jury instructions from both the prosecution and defense based on Trump’s interpretation of the law that the documents were, in fact, his personal property.

Cobb has been critical of Cannon since proceedings began last June. In April, he claimed she was showing “partiality” toward Trump and predicted she would be removed from the case. Cobb said Cannon’s partiality makes her incapable of ruling intelligently and called her handling of the case “embarrassing.”

Cannon has not yet ruled on six motions from Trump’s legal team to dismiss the case including the one presented on Wednesday to dismiss due to “technical flaws” in the indictment. If the trial is delayed until after the presidential election and Trump is victorious, he could have the case thrown out once he is back in office.

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