Kari Lake Calls for Arizona GOP Chair’s Resignation Following Damning Recording

(BrightPress.org) – Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake published a recording she made wherein the GOP chair for the state of Arizona, Jeff DeWit, attempted to bribe her from participating in the election.

Speaking with an NBC reporter during a Trump primary celebration in New Hampshire, Lake suggested DeWitt has to resign. She called him “corrupt and compromised” suggesting someone like him can’t be responsible for the success of the Republican party in Arizona.

The recording in question goes on for ten minutes, and DeWit repeatedly attempts to encourage Lake to step away from politics for a few years and asks her if there is a dollar amount that would entice her to comply.

DeWit suggested “very powerful people” were involved without explicitly saying who they were. DeWit only called them “money men” and suggested they were “back east.”

Lake said there was no amount that would suffice to bribe her, expressing her love of country, and saying that the fight is now. She even suggested DeWit go public, to which he replied that would result in his car being rigged to explode.

DeWit previously served as the chief operating officer during Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns. He’d been serving as the head of Arizona’s GOP since January 2023.

Maricopa County GOP Chair Craig Berland also called for DeWit’s resignation on Monday, January 22nd.

DeWit resigned on Tuesday, January 23rd, in an open letter posted to X (Twitter). In his resignation, he claims Lake’s campaign threatened to release another recording if he failed to step down. He said he had no idea what the other recordings contained, but decided he didn’t want to risk further exposure and was resigning under Lake’s request.

Lake representatives suggested that the audio recording was clear and no one made any threats to blackmail DeWit. Lake chastised the contents of the letter and his resignation suggesting DeWit performed poorly in his role and behaved as if the bribery of officials was normal, acceptable behavior.

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