Kennedy Family Snubs RFK Jr., Appears in Biden Endorsements

( – More than a dozen family members of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are openly endorsing Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. RFK Jr. dropped his campaign for the presidency as a Democrat in October and instead chose to run as an Independent. Four of his siblings, Kerry Kennedy, Rory Kennedy, Joe Kennedy II, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, denounced his candidacy as “perilous for our country.” RFK Jr.’s other siblings Christopher Kennedy, Maxwell Kennedy, and several other relatives have also endorsed Biden.

During a rally in Philadelphia Biden called the Kennedy family endorsement “an incredible honor.” Biden continued in his speech to describe how Robert F. Kennedy had been a hero to him and cited a speech given by RFK on the night Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

Biden told the Kennedy family that even though he never met RFK in person, his passion and clarity were an inspiration. Biden said he has busts of RFK and King in the Oval Office that he looks to when he has to make tough decisions.

Kerry Kennedy spoke at the rally, standing next to Biden. She said she spoke for the Kennedy family when she said the “family endorses Joe Biden for president.” Kerry called Biden a “hero” and compared him to her father who stood for “equal justice, human rights and freedom from want and fear.”

Kerry spoke harshly of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. She said Trump’s lies and behavior would have “horrified my father.” Kerry accused Trump of taking the country backward and attacking the basic rights and freedoms of Americans.

Joseph P. Kennedy II, RFK Jr.’s brother, told reporters that he would encourage his brother to drop out of the race to prevent “even one vote” from being stripped from Biden. He insisted voters shouldn’t feel torn when they see the Kennedy name on the ballot.

RFK Jr. said he is “pleased” with his family for following tradition and being politically active.

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