Making Your Voice Heard in 2024 and Beyond

( – Major media tends to focus on national politics which can seem a little daunting. One of the best ways to get involved in politics is to start local in your community. Are you following your mayor’s office on social media? Have you figured out who your state and national legislators are?

Fear not, dear reader! We have all the information you need to be an informed and effective citizen activist.

One of the first things you may want to discover is who is your House Representative. You can look him or her up with your zip code here.

You can also find your state reps and senators here.

Now once you’ve figured out who to contact, it’s time to think about what issues matter to you? Are you concerned about a local issue? Best to reach out to your mayor’s office, the city council, and even your local district attorney. If crime is a concern, the mayor and the DA’s office are your best bets.

If it’s infrastructure or the environment, perhaps you want to reach out to your state legislator or your national Representative.

As soon as the issue is of global or national concern, you’ll want to reach out to your federal Representative or Senator’s office. What’s the best way to get their attention? A phone call is a good start. You simply call their office and leave a message with someone on their staff. They may ask for your name and zip code to see if you live in their district.

Want to do more? Organize a call-in campaign with some of your friends and relatives. Craft a social media post that discusses the issue and then create a call to action for your audience to call in and urge action.

You can be most effective locally when you’re plugged into your community. Know who your local politicians are. Attend city council meetings. Introduce yourself to the sheriff. Run for school board or another position if you have the time. The only thing stopping you from being heard is yourself.

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