Mary Trump Says Donald Is Getting Worse

( – Donald Trump’s estranged niece, Mary Trump, whose only claim to fame is her willingness to publicly criticize her uncle, was back before MSNBC cameras again on Thursday, February 22nd. The notorious left-leaning outlet had Mary Trump on so that she could suggest Donald Trump is psychologically unhealthy.

Her practice as a clinical psychologist and willingness to indict her uncle’s mental health made her an excellent feature for the outlet; it regularly produces anti-Trump content. Mary Trump suggested Donald Trump has multiple “untreated psychiatric disorders.” She further suggested that he has gotten worse over time, due to a lack of treatment. Additionally, she said that the high levels of stress he’s been subjected to would strain anyone’s mental fitness.

Mary Trump also said that his performance was better when he was younger. She implied Donald Trump had difficulty staying on message. She also said that Trump “was very good” in front of cameras and added that was one of many reasons her grandfather selected him as the successor to his business empire.

Mary Trump continued, claiming that Donald Trump didn’t require skill to take over her grandfather’s real estate empire; he only needed his “self-confident, brash” attitude to succeed. Lastly, she suggested that Trump’s success was due to being propped up by her grandfather’s wealth.

Mary Trump makes no bones about her dislike of her uncle, she’s previously called him “a deeply insecure fascist” in a piece she was interviewed for last fall in The New Republic.

Mary also suggested Donald should “pout harder” after a photo of a clearly displeased Donald Trump was shared from the New York civil suit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

That case recently concluded with District Judge Arthur Engoron unilaterally declaring Trump’s guilt and issuing an exorbitant penalty of nearly half a billion dollars. Engoron has been criticized as a partisan actor and legal experts have suggested the case will be overturned on appeal due to the absence of any crime.

Lawyer Arthur Fergenson laid out the legal requirements for fraud: deception, damages, and a victim while noting that the allegations against Trump lacked all three.

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