Miami Helicopter Crash Leaves One Dead and One Rescued

( – A man is dead after a helicopter crash in Miami on December 27th. He was traveling with his daughter when their craft crashed in a canal outside of Miami. The dead victim was pulled from the wreck following several 911 calls. His daughter survived and was able to swim to the shoreline.

Investigators described witnesses who saw the vehicle spinning and twirling toward the ground. Speaking with the press, Miami-Dade Police Department Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said witnesses saw the helicopter “flying very low,” which triggered suspicion that something was wrong.

The Hughes 369 helicopter was flying from Fort Myers to the Miami Executive Airport, a roughly 150-mile trip. It was about three miles away from its destination when it crashed. Clement Zanzuri, 71, was the pilot who was traveling with his daughter, Jordan Zanzuri, 27.

Rescuers were able to locate the site and follow Jordan to the wreck. She indicated to them that her father was still in the vehicle. Divers were able to remove him from the crash. They attempted CPR until they were able to get him to the Jackson Memorial South Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead.

Clement Zanzuri was president of Miami-based Stoneworks Incorporated; they install high-end countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. Jordan Zanzuri graduated from Columbia University in 2022 and worked for her father’s company for three years. She currently works coaching students who are preparing for law school.

Vivian Alvarez, a local resident and witness said she realized something was wrong when she saw “a chopper very low, very low.” Shortly after the incident, she said there were multiple helicopters in the area. She said she was frightened regarding the possibility of a helicopter crash near her residence.

Recovery crews were able to pull the wreck from the canal the next morning with the help of heavy cranes.

Miami authorities are investigating the crash to determine what precisely went wrong.

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