Milwaukee Man Charged with Brutal Murder of 19yo Date

( – A 33-year-old bartender is accused of luring a 19-year-old college student and pizzeria employee to her gruesome death.

Sade Robinson told friends she was excited about going on a first date with Maxwell Anderson on April 1st. When Robinson didn’t show up for her shift at the Pizza Shuttle in Wisconsin the next day, co-workers became worried. The manager at the restaurant, Justin Romano, said that missing a shift without notice was out of character for the normally “very outgoing” Robinson.

A friend of Robinson’s called the police later that night to report her as missing. Police attempted a welfare check at Robinson’s apartment but were not able to locate her.

The next morning, Robinson’s car, a 2020 Honda Civic, was discovered on fire. Once the flame was extinguished by the local fire department, pieces of clothing identified as those worn by Robinson on the night of her date were found, along with Robinson’s scorched iPhone.

Police were called to Warnimont Park later that same day to investigate the discovery of a severed human leg found on the beach. DNA identified the leg as Robinson’s. Police found more remains including a foot and other bits of human remains after canvassing the area where Robinson’s car was burned.

Phone records provided by a friend of Robinson’s confirmed text messages between Robinson and Anderson planning to meet at a seafood restaurant. A location-sharing app used by Robinson and her mother tracked Robinson’s phone from the seafood restaurant to a nearby bar, then to Anderson’s residence, and finally to Warnimont Park.

Police searched Anderson’s home on April 4th and discovered blood on a bed and walls. Multiple gas cans were also found in the basement. Anderson was arrested and charged with arson, murder, and mutilating a corpse. Bail was set at $5 million. Police are still investigating the incident. A motive has not yet been determined. The rest of Robinson’s remains are still unaccounted for. Milwaukee County Assistant D.A. said Anderson had made a “tremendous effort” to remove any traces of Robinson.

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