More Documents Found in Mar-A-Lago Bedroom Months After Raid

( – Newly unsealed documents related to the case against Donald Trump for mishandling classified documents after leaving the Whitehouse reveal that Trump’s attorneys found even more classified material inside Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home four months after the FBI raided the resort.

The documents unsealed on Tuesday, May 21st, revealed that investigators hired by Trump’s attorneys uncovered a box containing two records with classified markings inside a storage unit in West Palm Beach, Florida. Four additional records with classified markings were discovered in a box that investigators found inside a closet at Mar-a-Lago. These documents were discovered in November, four months after the residence was searched by the FBI. All documents were surrendered to the proper authorities.

The newly released information that indicates federal agents suspected Trump of attempting to impede the investigation. The federal indictment in 2023 alleged Trump made “false representations” to his attorneys. Prosecutors also allege that co-defendants in the case, Walt Nauta and Carlos de Oliveira were unsuccessful at convincing an I.T. worker at Mar-a-Lago to delete potentially incriminating security camera footage.

Nauta is suspected of altering travel plans after Trump was notified of the subpoena for security camera footage so he could be present at Trump’s resort to ensure boxes were moved to a storage room out of view of security cameras. A judge noted “the curious absence of any video footage” of certain boxes being relocated.

Special counsel Jack Smith charged Trump with 40 federal counts of allegedly unlawfully retaining documents related to national defense and attempting to obstruct the federal investigation. Trump’s legal team has requested the charges be dismissed. Judge Aileen Cannon has not ruled on the matter of dismissal. Cannon indefinitely postponed the trial set to begin in May citing “issues surrounding pretrial motions” and the “use of classified evidence” in the proceedings.

Trump’s legal team has accused Smith’s team of “engaging in prosecutorial misconduct.” Smith’s team insists all actions have been “in full compliance” with the law.

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