Pope Slams Three ‘Violations of Human Dignity’

(BrightPress.org) – The Vatican released a new document on Monday, April 8th that declares gender-affirming surgery a violation of human dignity. The 20-page document “Infinite Dignity” was approved on March 25th by Pope Francis. The declaration has been in the works for five years and after substantial revision over the past few months, Pope Francis ordered its publication.

Along with gender-affirming surgeries, the declaration labeled abortion, war, violence against women, and human trafficking as “grave” threats to human dignity. Pope Francis is cited in the document for the need to “protect our humanity” by “accepting it and respecting it as it was created.” This is contradictory to previous remarks made by Pope Francis about inclusiveness regarding LGBTQ Catholics. In November 2023 a Vatican document was made public that clarified transgender individuals could be baptized and serve as godparents.

The Vatican rejected the idea that biological sex can change, saying that God created man and woman differently and man should not “tinker” with God’s plan.

The declaration does specify the difference between gender-affirming surgery and surgery to correct “abnormalities” that are present from birth and notes the declaration does not apply in these cases.

The declaration says that surrogate pregnancies represent a “grave violation” of the dignity of the surrogate mother and the child, turning the child into a “mere object” to be purchased, and the mother little more than an incubator. The document elaborates further saying a child should always be considered a “gift” and never the “basis of a commercial contract.”

Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry said the document contradicts itself and has failed transgender and non-binary people by offering them “not infinite, but limited dignity.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Joe Biden is “pleased” with the declaration’s call to protect LGBTQ+ individuals from violence and imprisonment around the world. When pressed about Biden’s response to the specifics involving gender theory Jean-Pierre emphasized that litigating internal church policy is not Biden’s role.

Pope Francis has insisted the Catholic Church must welcome all children of God while “Infinite Dignity” denounces gender theory.

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