Protestors Clash with Trump and Label Him ‘Climate Criminal’ at Rally

( – Climate activists interrupted Trump during one of his events on Sunday, January 14th shortly before the Iowa caucuses. Two interruptions followed shortly one after the other, with one woman calling Trump a “climate criminal” for taking millions in campaign contributions from representatives of the oil and gas industry.

Trump handled her by suggesting she “go home,” and “go home to mommy.” Trump quipped that he used to have protesters appear at his events frequently, but it hasn’t happened for roughly two years. Trump commented that the protesters are “so young” and highlighted their ideology by pointing out that “they are fighting oil.”

Another man began shouting “climate criminal” over and over again and was escorted out by security. He had a large sign that read “Trump: Climate Criminal.” As he was being ejected by security, the crowd spontaneously erupted into chants of “USA! USA!” which are common among Trump rally-goers.

Trump is transparent about his willingness to take donations from the energy industry and its representatives. Leftist corporate press outlets pushing climate change for the billionaire class love to criticize Trump as bad for the planet.

Trump has been criticized for removing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, as well as investing in energy infrastructure like the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. Trump also reduced the amount of public lands protected by the federal government. Climate activists typically oppose utilizing America’s natural resources.

After receiving an endorsement from former North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, protesters again interrupted the event to make claims Trump “sold out” to energy tycoons. The woman added a metaphor suggesting that American homes are flooding and burning.

Trump suggested that parents who love their children will vote for Trump to secure a brighter future for them and the nation. Leftists weaponize histrionic claims unsupported by evidence to slur and slander anyone who challenges their assertions, which is why Trump is a primary target.

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