Ramaswamy’s Ad During CNN Debate Tells Viewers to ‘Turn Off’ After Network Snub

(BrightPress.org) – GOP presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy purchased an advertisement during the upcoming GOP primary debate on CNN, attacking the network, after he was excluded from appearing. During his ad, he urged viewers to “turn this sh*t off,” referring to the CNN-hosted debate.

Ramaswamy focused on how the corporate press is attempting to rig the Iowa caucus by excluding him and other candidates. He added that they don’t want audiences to hear about federal officers and assets being potentially responsible for the violence and rioting on January 6th. He further criticized the media’s consensus narrative regarding the pandemic’s origins, as well as their inability to honestly report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Ramaswamy highlighted that you can express yourself by turning “this sh*t off” as he points a remote at the camera and the screen fades to black.

Vivek 2024 CEO Ben Yoho called CNN the least credible news channel on the air. In his statement to Fox News Digital, Yoho lambasted the network for repeatedly lying to its audience while labeling the truth a “conspiracy theory.” He pointed out that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative from 2016 was highly promoted by CNN while there wasn’t a shred of evidence beyond Hillary Clinton’s campaign propaganda (its credibility laundered with the official-sounding name, “The Steele Dossier”).

Yoho also highlighted how CNN promoted lies such as the claim that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was “Russian disinformation.” He added that the network also featured the likes of disgraced former host Don Lemon. Yoho also argued that Ramaswamy’s polling “clearly qualified” him for the debate.

Lemon was fired last year after a string of controversial remarks and odd behavior.

The upcoming debate will be the first GOP primary debate hosted by an organization other than the Republican National Committee. CNN required 10% or more from a candidate in 3 or more “qualified polls.” Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie also failed to qualify for the debate.

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