Rematch Likely for Trump and Biden

( – With Nikki Haley out of the race, the path is clear for Donald Trump to become the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Super Tuesday saw Joe Biden and Donald Trump dominate their parties in multiple states. Biden’s only loss was to a previously unknown candidate, Jason Palmer, and only faces nominal opposition from Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson.

Earlier polls indicated that Americans were against a Biden-Trump rematch, but over the past two months, the parties have rallied around Trump and Biden. According to a recent AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, the majority of Americans question the mental capability of both candidates. The age of the rivals is a concern to voters as well. Trump is 77 and Biden, the oldest sitting president in history, is 81.

According to a New York Times article, voters feel “trapped” with their choices and made statements when interviewed that voting for president in 2024 feels like choosing the “lesser of two evils”. A poll by the New York Times and Siena College indicated that 19% of registered voters have an “unfavorable view” of both Trump and Biden. Brian Hadley of Raleigh, North Carolina said he feels that both candidates failed to unify the country.

Although Biden received more than 80% of the Democratic vote in most states, 19% of voters in Minnesota voted as “uncommitted” along with 100,000 voters in Michigan. The uncommitted option was being pushed by advocates unhappy with the way Biden has handled the war in Gaza. Thirteen percent of the Democratic vote in North Carolina was recorded as “no preference”.

Trump and Biden jumped straight into bashing each other as Super Tuesday wound down, in preparation for the general election. Trump, in his victory speech blamed “all of the problems” that the country has today on Joe Biden’s presidency and promised the American people “unity”.

In Biden’s speech, he argued that Trump poses a threat to the country and would “drag us backwards” into chaos, division, and darkness.

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