RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Announces Resignation

(BrightPress.org) – Ronna McDaniel has announced that she will resign from her position as Republican National Committee Chair in March. McDaniel told CNN that she would “step aside” during Spring Training on March 8th. In this same interview, McDaniel indicated that by resigning, she is honoring tradition by making room for changes that traditionally occur with a nominee, which has always been her intention. Even though there is no official nominee at this point, former President Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley, his only rival, in the South Carolina Primary on Saturday, which pushes him closer to this goal.

Donald Trump nominated McDaniel for her position at the RNC in 2016 and she was re-elected in 2019, 2021, and 2023. Trump posted on Truth Social, after a meeting with McDaniel at Mar-a-Lago in early February, that he would be suggesting changes after the South Carolina primary election. Around this same time, Trump recommended Michael Whatley, the current chair of North Carolina’s RNC to take McDaniel’s position as RNC chair and for his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump to be the RNC co-chair.

McDaniel’s decision to step down is not sudden. After winning re-election in 2023, McDaniel told Fox News that she would not be seeking re-election at the end of her term. As McDaniel announced her plan to resign, she indicated that she is “committed to winning back the White House”. Drew McKissick, the current RNC co-chair, announced on Monday that he will be stepping down as well.

According to an article in People, these changes are significant in that they demonstrate the influence and “continued hold” Donald Trump has over the republican party. The article also expresses concerns about Lara Trump being voted into a leadership position, claiming the Republican party leadership would become a “Trump family enterprise” and speculates that Lara Trump would use her position to “funnel” donations to Donald Trump’s campaign and to cover his extravagant legal bills.

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