SCOTUS Approves Cutting Razor Wire at Border

( – In a narrow Supreme Court ruling, the high court granted the Biden administration’s request to allow Border Patrol to continue to cut and clear razor wire fencing installed by Texas officials along the Rio Grande to facilitate the illegal entry of illegal immigrants while a more in-depth challenge to the situation continues to play out in court.

The AP reports that “migrants” were “injured” when they attempted to make their criminal entry into the country due to the fencing. The Justice Department argued that the barrier makes it more difficult for Border Patrol and other federal agencies to “enforce the law,” which is a stunning euphemism for facilitating human trafficking and illegal immigration.

There was no rationale provided as SCOTUS issued a brief one-page order which the Biden administration is hailing as a victory. Regardless, Gov. Greg Abbott is not backing down and maintained that he’ll continue to defend the border and Texas property for as long as he’s governor.

In a post on X (Twitter), Abbott said the razor wire was “an effective deterrent” to the criminal invasion and open-border policy enacted by the Biden administration. He added his intention to continue to defend the border and block Biden from facilitating the destruction of Texas’s property.

Abbott spokesman Andrew Mahaleris added that the legal challenge between Texas and Biden continues in court and that the current ruling is just a temporary injunction pending a more in-depth review. Mahaleris said that the razor wire is a deterrent and its absence encourages more people to attempt illegal entry, itself a dangerous prospect.

In making its argument against the razor wire fencing, the Biden administration has repeatedly highlighted the case of three people who drowned, a woman and two children, and claimed that Abbott was responsible for their deaths by preventing Border Patrol from accessing Shelby Park and rescuing them.

Abbott countered that the timing of their deaths was such that Border Patrol was attempting to access the area when the individuals were already dead and there was nothing to be done. The case marks the first time Biden has expressed concern for migrants who die while attempting criminal entry. During his administration over 2,000 individuals have died during an attempted criminal entry over the southern border.

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