Speaker Johnson Calls for Biden’s Removal

(BrightPress.org) – House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) believes the United States faces an extremely dangerous predicament with Joe Biden as president. Johnson wants Biden removed from office, citing Biden’s performance during a debate with Donald Trump. Johnson says the 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief appears frail and confused.

Johnson feels Biden’s unfitness for the White House is evident, especially when he speaks. Biden might be more suited for a nursing home than leading the country. Reports suggest Democrats are in a panic after Biden’s poor debate performance. Some top donors in the Democrat Party are pushing to remove Biden from the ballot.

Johnson commented that he would panic too if he were a Democrat and Biden was his nominee. He believes Democrats recognize they have a serious problem. Johnson’s concern extends beyond the election. He wants Biden removed from office immediately, stressing the issue affects the entire country, not just the Democratic Party.

Biden’s handlers could use the 25th Amendment to remove him. This amendment allows the vice president and cabinet members to vote on declaring the president unfit to properly do his job. If invoked, Kamala Harris would become the new president. If Biden resists, Congress would make the final decision.

Johnson mentioned that adversaries see the weakness in the White House, just like everyone else. Johnson takes no pleasure in pointing out Biden’s declining state but stresses the need for action. He urges cabinet members to search their hearts and do their duty.

Some suggest invoking the 25th Amendment as the only graceful exit for Democrats. The last time a president was this incapacitated was Woodrow Wilson. Critics also point out that his wife, “Dr. Jill,” often leads him around like a toddler and speaks to him in a similar manner.

Johnson addressed reporters, urging Biden’s Cabinet to consider using the 25th Amendment to remove him following his weak debate performance. He believes the country faces a dangerous moment and hopes those in power will do their duty for the American people.

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