Squad Member’s Daughter Kicked Out of School Housing Over Pro-Palestine Activism

(BrightPress.org) – Isra Hirsi, daughter of “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, was evicted from her college dorm after being suspended. Hirsi was among more than 100 people arrested for trespassing while participating in an anti-Israel demonstration on the Columbia University Campus last week.

Hirsi, a student at the all-female Barnard College told Teen Vogue that she was basically homeless after being evicted from campus housing and banned from the dining hall. She complained that her belongings were thrown into a “random lot” which left her with very limited clothing options. Hirsi said she contacted school administrators about how to obtain food while being banned from the dining hall which she “depends” on for her meals. According to Hirsi, the school responded 48 hours after her suspension to inform her she could pick up a prepackaged meal. Hirsi told the magazine that her school offered “no food support, no nothing.”

Hirsi, a member of a pro-Palestine group called Apartheid Divest, was arrested along with several other protestors for refusing to leave a tent encampment they erected on the lawn of Columbia University. All students were informed early on Wednesday they would face suspension if they did not clear off the college campus. Those who still remained on Thursday were arrested for trespassing.

Hirsi said she was restrained in zip ties for at least seven hours while officers tried to find enough space for the amount of those arrested who were “born female,” and she was held for a total of 13 hours.

Omar posted on social media that she is proud of her daughter for always leading with “courage and compassion” and stepping up for what she “can’t tolerate.”

White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates made a statement that all Americans have the right to protest peacefully but calls for violence against Jewish students have no place “anywhere in the United States of America.”

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