Suspect Goes on Violent Stabbing Spree after Conflict with Neighbors

( – On Tuesday, May 28th, 26-year-old Jared Ravizza of Chilmark, Massachusetts, a town on Martha’s Vineyard, was arraigned on multiple charges after he allegedly stabbed multiple people on Saturday. Chilmark is also the suspect in a homicide investigation in Connecticut.

Ravizza had been living in a Vrbo rental house in Deep River, Connecticut since April. He was joined two weeks before his violent rampage by an older man known to the neighbors as “Bruce.” Bruce would walk his dog and sit on neighborhood porches uninvited. Two women at one of the homes confronted Bruce, telling him to leave, and then called in a complaint to the police. Afterward, Ravizza threw a shovel through the window of the women’s home.

Police were again called to the area where they discovered Bruce and his dog dead inside the home he had been sharing with Ravizza. Ravizza had already left the area in his black Porsche Macan.

Ravizza allegedly drove to Braintree, Massachusetts, and stabbed five young girls inside a Braintree movie theater. Ravizza then allegedly left the theater and drove to a McDonald’s in Plymouth where he stabbed two employees. All injuries caused to the victims were non-life threatening.

Ravizza led police on a pursuit into Cape Cod where he was apprehended in the town of Sandwich after crashing his car.

Ravizza was previously arrested in April for allegedly attacking his father, Jason. Jason told police that Ravizza attacked him after suffering a “mental break.” Martha’s Vineyard Hospital said Ravizza “did not meet their standards to be held” when he was sent for a mental evaluation after attacking his father.

During Ravizza’s Tuesday court appearance, his court-appointed attorney requested a mental evaluation. The judge agreed with the request.

Ravizza has been charged in connection with the stabbings in Braintree and Plymouth. Investigators are working to determine if he was involved in the murder of the older man in Deep River, Connecticut. Police have not yet officially identified the body found inside the rental home. The investigation into the murder remains active.

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