Texas Blames Biden Administration for Rising Migrant Deaths in Rio Grande

(BrightPress.org) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott defended his decision to deny Border Patrol officials access to Shelby Park, one of the areas where illegals have been crossing the border into the country. Abbott said they’re denying access to Border Patrol officials receiving raucous applause from a crowd gathered to support a state legislator’s campaign wherein he described the measure.

Abbott said he was fed up with Border Patrol escorting illegals through the park onto buses to be shipped into the Midwest.

Later that evening, Department of Homeland Security representatives claimed a woman and two children drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande near the park. DHS relayed that the Texas military physically denied access to the feds and Mexican officials removed the bodies from the water.

The White House put out a statement that their minions require access to the area “to enforce the laws.” The reason they’ve been ousted from the area is their explicit willingness to routinely violate the law, including allowing illegals to continue to come into the country in record numbers.

Texas Military representatives disputed the Biden administration’s account of events, calling it “wholly inaccurate” for implying that Border Patrol was denied the ability to save the lives of the illegals. In a statement on their website, the Texas officials said that the drownings had already occurred by the time the Border Patrol attempted to enter the park and there was nothing they could do.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also affirmed the Texas Military Department’s version of events while Homeland Security officials claimed that the only indications they had at the time was that illegals were in the water. The drownings were used by Homeland Security general counsel Jonathan E. Meyer to argue that Texas was interfering with life-saving activities and emergency response and threatened legal action unless access was restored by January 17th.

Abbott has tried numerous different tactics to stem the tide of illegals coming over the southern border. They’ve floated buoy barriers in the Rio Grande and installed razor wire fencing along the U.S. banks of the river, but Border Patrol officials have consistently voided the barriers and continued to facilitate illegal immigration.

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