Three Arrested in Subway Car Killing

( – The NYPD has arrested three suspects after a 45-year-old man was killed on a NYC subway train in the Bronx during the early morning hours of Friday, February 23rd. The suspects, 42-year-old Alfredo Trinidad, 38-year-old Betty Cotto, and 24-year-old Justin Herde, have been charged with murder as well as criminal possession of a weapon.

All three suspects have previous arrest records for crimes such as fare evasion, theft, and misdemeanor assault. The three suspects, described by Bronx detectives as transients, were located on Monday at an apartment in the Bronx by members of the U.S. Marshals Regional Fugitive Task Force.

The victim, identified as 45-year-old William Alvarez, was shot around 5:30 a.m. as the southbound D train was arriving at the 182-183 Street station. Fortunately, the entire scene was captured by multiple surveillance cameras located on the train, at the subway station, and on the street. After reviewing the footage, Chief of Transit Michael Kemper, stated part of the footage shows Alvarez sitting on the train when the three suspects boarded. One of the suspects sat beside Alvarez when it appeared that “words were exchanged” before the victim and all three suspects became engaged in a physical fight. Alvarez was fatally wounded during the melee. It was believed that a gun was discharged during the struggle, but the investigation continues.

So far this year, subway crime has increased by 13% even though police state that January numbers were much higher and then dropped in February after more officers were placed in the subway system and 12-hour shifts were implemented for the officers assigned to this post. Richard Davey, Transient President, also credits the multiple surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the subway system for helping curb the subway crime rate. According to Davey the NYC subway now has more cameras than a “Las Vegas casino.”

Alvarez’s death marks the third homicide on the tracks in NYC this year.

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