Tom Suozzi Wins New York Election

( – Former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi beat Republican newcomer Mazi Pilip in the special election to replace infamous Long Island Republican George Santos. Santos was expelled from Congress in December following a House investigation and federal indictment for violating campaign finance laws among other charges.

The AP announced their expectation Suozzi would win Tuesday night, February 13th, just shortly after the polls closed. The national party machinery from both sides of the aisle closely observed the race.

The GOP has lost yet another seat chipping away at the slim margin they have to control the House. Once Suozzi is sworn in that margin will be 219-213. Folks were observing the election as a bellwether for the upcoming general election in November.

Republicans attempted to paint Suozzi as affiliated with Biden’s open borders policy, referring to him as “sanctuary Suozzi.” They also said he was a potential member of the squad, an unofficial nickname given to the most radical Democrats in the House including AOC, Cori Bush, and Ilhan Omar.

Santos flipped the seat that Suozzi held for six years before he attempted to run for governor in 2022. The Suozzi campaign painted Pilip as “George Santos 2.0” and a “right-wing extremist.” He also suggested Pilip was a Trump supporter and hard-line conservative like Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

Pilip, an Ethiopian Jew and legal immigrant, highlighted that Suozzi voted with Biden all the time and “rolls out the red carpet” for illegals.

Even President Biden called Suozzi to congratulate him, demonstrating the importance of the contest as a general indicator.

Republicans were at a disadvantage with only 6 weeks to campaign before the election, and Pilip is a virtual unknown compared to Suozzi who has worked in the district for years. Democrats attacked Pilip on abortion; she refused to say how she would vote on national legislation to ban the practice during the one debate.

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