Trump and Republicans Slam Senate Border Deal

( – Republicans across Capitol Hill are congealing around the consensus that Biden’s foreign war funding bill disguised as a border bill is “dead on arrival.” The war funding bill offers $60B to Ukraine and $14.1B to Israel while also including $2B for U.S. Central Command Operations in the Red Sea and finally $20B for southern border security.

The bill would also institutionalize the illegal entry of thousands of illegals per day and normalize their processing for rapid entry. There are changes to how the immigrants are processed, more stringent requirements for requesting asylum, and presidential authority to “shut down the border” when certain thresholds are reached. There’s an exception, however, for when the president believes it’s in the “national interest” to keep the border open, which describes the current situation.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump called the bill a “great gift to the Democrats” in comments posted to Truth Social. Trump called the bill “horrendous” and highlighted how the border needs to be shut down now.

Trump further suggested the bill represented a “death wish” for conservatives who endorsed the measure, adding it would absolve all responsibility for the current scenario from Biden and the Democrats and calling it a “highly sophisticated trap.”

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) slammed the bill saying it would not secure the border while offering taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegal immigrants and giving billions to radical leftist organizations. He suggested Biden has all the authority he needs to bring back the “Remain in Mexico” policy and finish building the wall.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) pointed out that Biden can claim “national interest” and keep floods of illegals coming in. He said that folks shouldn’t be surprised if he does but it would be better to just kill the bill.

The bill includes $1.4 billion for funding NGOs that would care for migrants by providing them with shelter, free food, and other handouts. That money would help put migrants in your community, according to Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN).

Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) pointed out that the bill would allow Biden’s cronies in the D.C. District Court to handle immigration cases and suggested those officers are loyal to Biden and his open borders policy. He suggested any cases that come before them will be rubber-stamped for entry, allowing Democratic operatives to legalize millions of illegals coming in per year. As the bill stands, it is unlikely to pass the Senate.

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