Trump Begins Takeover of Democratic Turf

( – Presumptive Republican 2024 presidential nominee Donald Trump held a campaign rally in South Bronx, New York on Saturday, May 24th. Trump’s campaign is reaching out to black and Hispanic voters in traditionally Democratic states.

Several thousand supporters surrounded the stage in Crotona Park around 6:30 p.m. Trump assured voters he would bring safety back to the streets of his home state. He promised to focus on education, reducing taxes, and bringing “businesses and big taxpayers back to New York.”

Trump spoke to the predominantly black and Hispanic crowd about immigration and the “millions and millions of people” who are illegally entering the United States. He said that New York’s black and Hispanic populations are deeply impacted by illegal immigration and promised massive deportation if he is elected.

Trump grew up in Queens, NY, and has been anchored to New York City for weeks while attending court almost daily in his “hush money” trial in Manhattan. He has held events in different areas of the city including Harlem campaigning to voters of color. Recent polls indicate Trump is making headway with black and Hispanic voters whose main concerns are inflation and crime.

A diverse crowd of Hasidic Jews and black and Hispanic supporters attended the South Bronx rally wearing MAGA hats and holding signs showing support for Trump. Trump only needs to marginally boost his numbers with minorities to make a difference in states like New York. According to Mike Rendino, Bronx Republican Party Chair, even “small gains could make a difference.” He said that Trump won’t win the Brox, but could win New York state by reducing the loss margin.

Not everyone welcomed Trump to the Bronx. A group gathered outside the park to rally against the former president. One poster read “Trump isn’t welcome in the Bronx.” Vanessa Gibson, Bronx Borough President, said Trump’s messages do not “resonate with Bronxites.” Rep. Ritchie Torres issued a “long overdue” message to Trump. He stated, “You’re fired” and “We are ending your political career.”

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