Trump Calls Out Enemies in All-Caps Easter Tirade

( – Former president and presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, posted more than 70 messages on his social media platform, Truth Social, on Easter Sunday. The messages, typed in all caps, mostly consisted of Trump ranting about his legal struggles and the people involved in trying to prosecute him and “INTERFERE WITH THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2024.”

Trump has been indicted on 91 charges in various criminal cases but hasn’t been convicted of any of them yet. During his Easter Day social media rant he blasted his prosecutors using words such as “EVIL,” “CORRUPT,” and “CROOKED.” Trump continued to share polls suggesting he would be the winner of the 2024 presidential election. He bashed President Joe Biden’s economic policies and called America a “NOW FAILING NATION.”

Social media commentators quickly began criticizing Trump’s posts. PatriotTakes on X said that “Trump’s Easter message is all about himself.” Mike Sington, former NBC senior executive, posted on X calling Trump a “disgrace, and embarrassment to America.” Democrat content creator Harry Sisson went after Trump supporters who demand politics be kept out of Easter but then “love it” when Trump posts a politically fueled rant. Ron Filipkowsky called Trump’s social media activity “deranged.”

Trump did receive positive feedback and comments on his Easter Day activity on Truth Social. One supporter said, “I’m praying for you President Trump.” Another supporter made comments saying if Trump doesn’t get elected “America is finished.”

Seth Meyers said Trump’s Easter tirade is “one of his wildest ones yet.” Meyers jokingly asked if the Trump family easter baskets contained “Cadbury meth eggs?” Meyers noted that Trump’s posts began and ended with wishing everyone a Happy Easter, but everything in between was “a little less festive.”

Jimmy Kimmel, on Jimmy Kimmel Live also analyzed Trump’s Easter posts pointing out Trump made similar posts on Christmas calling for people he opposes to “ROT IN HELL.”

Joe Biden also posted an easter message on X sending “warmest wishes” to all Christians from himself and the First Lady.

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