Trump Leaves a Scary Christmas Message

( – Trump left his annual Christmas message on Truth Social. Trump wished everyone a “Merry Christmas,” and took shots at major political figures opposing his continued bid for the presidency.

He called Jack Smith deranged and suggested he was “Joe Biden’s ONLY HOPE.” Smith is the special counsel assigned to prosecute Trump for alleged crimes related to January 6th. Trump alluded to Smith hiring more lawyers to pursue him in what he called a “WITCH HUNT” in all caps.

Trump then lambasted the current crop of Democratic leaders who he indicated were responsible for a litany of the country’s problems. He mentioned the southern border crisis, inflation, the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, high taxes, energy dependence, wokeness in the military, and both wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Trump said these policies and more were responsible for destroying the country and suggested the problem-makers “ROT IN HELL” before signing off with a final “MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

Smith hired Michael Dreeben in December who has appeared before SCOTUS over 100 times and is considered an authority on court doctrine. One wonders what hourly rate Dreeben is getting from taxpayer coffers. That information is unavailable as yet, dear reader.

Dreeben was previously tapped by the Democrats to create a legal rationale to pursue Russia-gate claims, despite knowing they were total horse hockey. He specializes in defending the government’s unchecked authority: having spent thirty years working at the Department of Justice and has substantial experience crafting arguments to persuade the SCOTUS.

Trump’s team is less experienced with SCOTUS appearances, but that may not matter. SCOTUS has denied Smith’s request to accelerate Trump’s trial, which means it will not be completed before the 2024 elections. SCOTUS argued that they require input from lower courts to properly execute their oversight function and Trump has due process rights which would be violated should they hear the case too soon.

SCOTUS has also granted a hearing to a challenge to the DOJ’s use of 1512(c)(2) or the obstruction of an official proceeding charge. Observers believe that SCOTUS will overturn the government’s use of that charge as it was designed to prohibit destruction of evidence during a congressional investigation and was never intended or used against protesters before January 6th. This would be a huge blow to Smith’s prosecution of Trump and hundreds of cases against J6 defendants.

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