Trump’s Ominous Prediction Causes Backlash

( – Former President Donald Trump says the media took his words “out of context” during a campaign rally in Ohio over the weekend. While campaigning for Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, Trump used the term “bloodbath” while referring to the fate of the auto industry if Biden is re-elected as president.

Trump gave his speech on an airfield outside of Dayton, Ohio in high-wind conditions that interfered with the use of his teleprompter. While speaking about the automotive industry Trump stated, “If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath.” The comment went viral with Democrats claiming Trump was making a “call for violence” if he were to lose the upcoming election. Biden posted on X, “It’s clear this guy wants another January 6th.”

Trump posted on Truth Social bashing the “Fake News Media” and their “Democratic Partners” for deliberately misinterpreting his use of the term “bloodbath,” even though they “fully understood” that he was referring to the decline of the automotive industry under another Biden Administration term.

According to Trump, pushing the electric car mandate will result in no cars being made in the United States and fewer jobs for American workers. During his speech at the rally for Moreno, Trump spoke of China attempting to build car manufacturing plants in Mexico and selling the cars to U.S. consumers. Trump said he will not allow it and will place a 100% tariff on the cars.

On Monday, the Trump campaign sent out a fundraising email with “bloodbath!” in the subject line. The email clarifies the context of Trump’s words and criticizes Biden and the media for using edited clips to “viciously” misquote Trump in an attempt to “keep control”.

Trump also claims that if Biden serves a second term, Social Security and Medicare will “be gone”. Biden has pledged to strengthen Social Security as it is projected to fall short of budget. Trump promised to “never cut” Social Security and Medicare.

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