Two New York Police Officers Shot by Illegal Immigrant

( – Two New York City Police officers were shot while trying to apprehend a robbery suspect in Queens on Monday, June 3rd.

The officers were investigating a pattern of robberies in the area committed by suspects riding mopeds or scooters. They began pursuing a suspect riding an unregistered scooter going the wrong way on a one-way street. The suspect fled on foot when the officers attempted to have him pull over. Officers engaged in a foot pursuit with the suspect for several blocks. The suspect fired shots at officers during the foot pursuit.

Officer Richard Yarusso (26) was shot in the torso. Thankfully the bullet hit the officer’s bulletproof vest preventing a fatal injury. Officer Christopher Abreu (26) was shot in the leg. Yarusso quickly assisted Abreu by securing a tourniquet around his injured leg, likely saving his life. Both officers were treated at Elmhurst Hospital and are expected to recover.

Police have identified the shooter as Bernardo Raul Castro Mato (19), a migrant from Venezuela who entered the United States illegally through Eagle Pass Texas in 2023. Castro Mato was shot in the right leg when officers returned fire during the foot pursuit. He was transported to New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital where he underwent surgery for his injury.

Castro Mato had been living at a Courtyard Marriott hotel in Queens that had been converted into a migrant shelter. Police discovered a firearm they believe Castro Mato obtained illegally. He is a suspect in multiple robberies in the areas surrounding New York City. Victims reported a man on a scooter stealing purses, wallets, and other personal belongings before speeding away on the scooter. According to the NYPD robberies and crimes committed by suspects riding scooters have spiked dramatically over the past three years.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams held up Yarusso’s bulletproof vest and pointed out the area struck by the bullet during a press conference. He acknowledged the vest saved the officer’s life.

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