U.S. Destroys Houthi Underwater Drone

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(BrightPress.org) – The United States launched multiple strikes against the Yemeni Houthis on Saturday, February 17th. The attacks were against alleged weapons sites including an anti-ship missile launcher. They also destroyed an unmanned drone submersible (UUV) as well as a drone surface vehicle.

U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) said in a statement that this marked the first appearance of a Houthi-controlled UUV. CENTCOM said the strikes were targeting sources of immediate threat and were defensive in nature. They also said the strikes would protect the shipping lanes from attack and make the area safer for military and civilian vessels.

Houthis in Yemen have been attacking cargo vessels and military ships in the Red Sea near the Gulf of Aden in response to the Israeli siege of Gaza. The U.S. military has been acting as a de facto policeman in the region, attacking any attackers or the sources of their operations in Yemen.

They’ve also been attempting to disrupt the arming of the Houthis with weapons and equipment coming from Iran. Three weeks prior the U.S. Navy intercepted a small ship bringing weapons and equipment bound for Yemen originating from Iran.

The ship allegedly contained weapons, communications equipment, missile components, explosives, as well as drone parts for underwater vehicles.

Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla said the seizure was more evidence Iran was providing weapons to militants in the region. He said that the arming of the Houthis contravened international law and was harming the safety of shipping lanes, negatively impacting international trade.

The Houthis have been attacking vessels they claim are affiliated with Israel in its ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza. Repeated strikes by the U.S. and its allies have only strengthened the Houthi’s resolve. They’ve repeatedly said that they’ll continue their meager efforts to disrupt commerce until the war in Gaza concludes.

Israel and Hamas have been unable to come to a ceasefire agreement to bring an end to the conflict. Hamas is unwilling to release its last cache of hostages and Israel is unwilling to entertain a ceasefire without that condition being met first.

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