Who Will Replace Joe Biden If He Drops Out?

(BrightPress.org) – President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is struggling after a poor debate against former President Donald Trump. The main issues are Biden’s age and perceived cognitive decline.

Biden’s support for Israel’s war on Gaza has also caused voter discontent. Campaigns like Abandon Biden and Uncommitted have emerged.

Despite these issues, Biden plans to stay in the race. He met with several governors who offered their support. However, with four months until the election, there’s still a chance for a new candidate to emerge.

Vice President Kamala Harris is a top choice to replace Biden. She ran against him in the 2020 Democratic primary, criticizing his past stance on desegregation. She has distanced herself from Biden’s strong support of Israel, calling for more concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s governor, is another potential candidate. Whitmer has led successful campaigns and has a significant Arab and Muslim-American constituency in her state. She has taken a balanced approach to the Gaza conflict, trying to address the concerns of her constituents.

Gavin Newsom, California’s governor, has seen his political profile rise. He is often mentioned for a 2028 presidential run but could replace Biden. Newsom traveled to Israel and called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate, has shown interest in the Democratic ticket. Kennedy has been criticized by Democrats and labeled a conspiracy theorist. Despite this, he has significant support, particularly for a third-party candidate. Kennedy’s support for Israel’s war efforts could be a challenge for voters wanting an end to the conflict in Gaza.

Michelle Obama, the former first lady, could beat Trump in November. Though she has said she supports Biden’s reelection and has no interest in running, her name recognition is unmatched.

With the election approaching, these potential candidates could step in if Biden decides to drop out. The Democrat Party will need to choose someone who can unite voters and present a strong challenge to Trump.

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