79-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Conflict at Council Meeting

People attend local town hall meeting. A closeup and back view of an older man sitting indoors during a city hall legislation meeting, blurry attendees are seen in background with copy-space.

(BrightPress.org) – An elderly citizen was arrested after she made vocal complaints of corruption against the mayor’s office at a local city council meeting in her hometown of Tarrant, Alabama. Novilee Williams, 79, was slapped with harassment and disorderly conduct charges after she touched the mayor’s accountant during a contentious exchange at a city council meeting.

Tarrant Councilwoman Veronica Bandy Freeman started crying upon hearing of the arrest and promised that she was going to fight for Williams. Freeman further claimed there was a double standard in effect and that only critics of the Democrats are held responsible for wrongdoing.

Williams had strong words of condemnation regarding the mayor’s office, insisting he was corrupt and demanding something be done about it. She said she was confused about how the mayor could get away with such rampant corruption. During her tirade, Shayla Myricks, an accountant for the city, turned around and began to interrupt Williams.

Williams pushed Myricks’ hand away from her and told her to “turn around, honey,” elaborating that she was addressing the council, not her. She further indicated that she was aware that Myricks was on the mayor’s side.

Williams was told by someone off camera that she should contact the state Attorney General’s office as they have the proper authority to investigate corruption.

Myricks repeatedly interrupted Williams during her critique of the mayor in regard to the suspension of Tarrant Police Chief Wendell Major.

Myricks made a criminal complaint after the meeting, apparently feeling the need to involve the law. The complaint alleges Williams was fighting and making threats in public. The video plainly shows the contact between the two women was minimal and their interaction civil, if tense.

Williams is a frequent regular at the meetings and is known for her harsh criticism of the mayor. Freeman argued that the charges against Williams were political in nature. That sounds awfully familiar.

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