9/11 Survivors, Families Push Bill To Hold Attackers Accountable

(BrightPress.org) – The 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks brought with it continued bureaucratic red tape as families and survivors pursue justice. The fight for criminal accountability continues with thousands of 9/11 families suing the Saudi Arabian government for help they provided to the terrorists in facilitating the mass murder of innocent American citizens. That lawsuit is ongoing in New York federal court.

Previous disclosures from the FBI indict the Kingdom, showing that its agents were in communication with alleged hijackers.

Terry Strada lost her husband Tom on 9/11 and said that the “secrets are exposed.” She further suggested the Kingdom admit culpability for coordinating and facilitating the attackers’ entry into the U.S.

The Kingdom has fervently denied any involvement in the attacks. The FBI document also fails to suggest that the government had any direct role in the attacks themselves.

The families are now advancing legislation in order to help continue to expose hidden information regarding the attacks and who was responsible. They’re promoting a bipartisan bill called the Ensuring Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (EJVTA). The bill would alter provisions of another law called JASTA which would facilitate their ability to gain access to information from the U.S. government.

Strada has complained that the Kingdom is spending untold sums of money on an army of lobbyists and lawyers to block the truth and bury the past. She’s also pointed out that they’ve lied about being “exonerated” by the 9/11 Commission. She also believes that their billion-dollar-plus investment into the golf industry is an attempt to rebrand and distract from their past crimes.

Strada is also furious President Joe Biden isn’t more supportive. She’s claimed that the White House views their situation as “a bargaining chip” in international relations with the Kingdom which is why they’ve been totally silent on the issue. She ultimately wants to be able to move on from the tragedy, but not without achieving justice for the victims.

She’s hoping that Congress will quickly send the bill to Biden’s desk this fall.

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