Abbott is Not Backing Down in Texas

( – Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is refusing to back down against threats from Democrats in Congress suggesting Biden nationalize the Texas National Guard to prevent more razor wire fencing being installed along the border. Speaking with Fox News with host Sean Hannity on the evening of January 29th, Abbott suggested he had a plan to adapt to that possibility, but Hannity discouraged Abbott from elaborating.

Republicans have been battling the Biden administration on illegals coming over the southern border since Biden took over and reversed several border protection programs that President Trump had in place. With over 5 million illegals already in the country and millions more on the way, Abbott had enough and finally began to install obstacles along the border to prevent illegal crossings.

He had the Texas National Guard deploy razor wire fencing all along the southern banks of the Rio Grande in the area known as Shelby Park, near Eagle Pass, Texas, where countless crossings have already occurred. The area is a hot spot for illegals to enter which is why Abbott focused on it.

Abbott declared the extreme number of illegal crossings an invasion triggering constitutional authority to defend the border since the federal government wasn’t doing it.

Biden’s Border Patrol had previously cleared razor wire and other obstacles, allowing swarms of illegals to come in. The contrast in policies has led to Supreme Court hearings on the matter, with the most recent ruling being that Border Patrol has the authority to clear the wire put down by Texas. Texas authorities are still refusing to relinquish control of Shelby Park, however. The case continues to play out, and that ruling wasn’t final.

Abbott suggested nationalizing the Texas National Guard as the next move by the Biden administration would be a political disaster, which is why he’s unlikely to do it. He said that even if Biden decided to do so, he’s still prepared to defend the border.

Hannity suggested Abbott keep the details of his plans to himself such that the administration wouldn’t be able to interfere. Abbott laughed in response.

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