Authorities Left Speechless After Radio Tower Disappears Without a Trace

( – A stunning theft left the victim bewildered as to how the feat was accomplished. WJLX is an AM radio station based out of Alabama, and station manager Brett Elmore was shocked to discover that his station’s 200-foot metal radio tower was missing last week on Friday, February 2nd.

In comments to local TV station WBRC, Elmore said he couldn’t quite understand how the theft was executed due to the size and complexity of the structure. Elmore said he’d been working with radio equipment “all my life” and was involved in the business for over two decades. He said he had never before heard of anyone stealing a radio tower.

The theft was discovered on Friday when landscapers went to perform regular maintenance at the location. Elmore reported getting a call wherein he was told the “tower is gone.” He first thought they must have the wrong location, but they confirmed that they were at the site, that there was electrical debris lying about, and other property had also been stolen.

In a post to Facebook, Elmore announced the theft to the public. He said that thievery has been a problem in the area, but that he never expected anything like this. He said the building at the site was vandalized and that the tower was completely gone. The thieves had to cut thick cables that secured the structure in place and then deconstruct and transport the structure in pieces. Elmore said police were investigating.

Elmore added that they planned to rebuild the tower, but he was quite clear that he intended to prosecute the thieves to the fullest extent of the law. The theft will set back the small business, but he said the crime was a federal felony and he believes the police will locate those responsible.

The penalties for messing with radio communications equipment include a steep fine or up to ten years in prison.

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