Authorities Reveal Theory in Bizarre Carjacking Deaths

Manhunt Underway as Police Search for Mystery Car

( – Three tourists were murdered while on a surfing trip in Ensenada, Mexico. The bodies of the three men were discovered at the bottom of a remote well about 50 feet deep located around 4 miles from where the surfers were presumably killed.

Chief state prosecutor Maria Elena Andrade Ramirez believes the men were killed as a result of resisting thieves trying to steal their truck for its tires. Ramirez theorized that thieves saw the truck parked near the tourist’s tents and attempted to steal the tires. Ramirez believes the tourists fought back and were killed by the thieves. All three victims had gunshot wounds to the head.

Ramirez said the well where the bodies were found is “extremely hard to get to” and had been covered with boards. It took two hours to remove the bodies of the victims from the well. A fourth body was also discovered but appears to have been inside the well much longer and is not connected to this case.

Family members were able to identify the remains of the victims. Two of the men were brothers from Australia; Jake Robinson, 30, and Callum Robinson, 33. The third victim was 30-year-old Jack Carter Rhoad, an American. The men had been missing since April 27th.

Three suspects have been detained for suspected involvement in the case.

Ensenada is a popular tourist spot for surfers and is considered to be safer than other areas on the Baja California Peninsula where drug gangs have violent turf wars. During a news conference, a reporter asked Ramirez why there was a “massive and rapid” search for the “foreigners” when very little seems to be done when locals disappear.

Protesters and mourners flocked to a main plaza in Ensenada to show respect for the victims and to protest the violence in the area. Many carried signs reading “Ensenada is a mass grave,” “They only wanted to surf – we demand safe beaches,” and “Australia, we are with you.”

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