Beloved Actress Gives Tragic Health Update

( – “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Charmed” actress Shannen Doherty discussed her years-long battle with cancer with People magazine recently. In the exclusive, she elaborates on how she’s still working and excited for life, despite terminal status.

She explained how despite a 2015 mastectomy the disease spread to her lymph nodes, brain, and bones. In 2017, she received chemo and radiation treatments which put her into remission. Then in February 2020, the cancer came back and she was given a stage 4 diagnosis. Earlier this year, the disease spread to her brain and bones.

Despite the diagnosis, Doherty remains positive and is continuing to work while receiving treatment. She’s “not done with living.” She’s got more content to create and more love to give. She also announced a new podcast series “Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty,” which will be a memoir-style reflection on her career and fight with cancer.

She intends to use the platform to raise awareness and funding for cancer research while making it clear that just because someone has a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean they’re unable to positively contribute to society. She expressed shock at the lack of a cure for the disease despite decades of research and billions of dollars.

Doherty shared the experience of having a brain tumor removed over Instagram in June of this year. She made fun of the experience, nicknaming the tumor “Bob.”

Doherty had previously returned to the screen reprising her role as Brenda Walsh in the hit 90s drama Beverly Hills 90210 in 2019. The series lasted for one series on Fox before it was canceled. Initially reluctant, Doherty ultimately agreed to return to the series to honor the late Luke Perry who died of a stroke in March of that year.

Doherty also appeared in the teen drama “Riverdale” to honor Perry’s death, he played a recurring main character on the show, Fred Andrews. Doherty played a cameo as a woman who witnessed his tragic death.

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