Biden Family Expected To Receive Subpoenas

( – House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced on Newsmax on November 2nd that they are just days away from sending subpoenas to extended members of the Biden family. GOP investigators in Congress have uncovered nearly $20 million in illicit funds that the Bidens have raked in from overseas allegedly in exchange for influence in policy and access to Joe Biden.

Comer said that the American people should be “very satisfied” with the level of accountability coming up for the Bidens. He said that the case they’ve built “will win in court,” and elaborated that they’ve got personal banking records of Biden family members showing the ill-gotten gains.

Comer and GOP investigators revealed the day before another ‘loan repayment’ from brother James and his wife Sara to Joe Biden to the tune of $40,000. Comer said that the money was traced back to China, specifically CEFC, a Chinese energy company connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

A sum of $5 million was sent in August 2017 from Northern International Capital, another front for the CCP, to Hudson West III, a shell company for the Bidens. Hudson West III then sent $400,000 on the same day to Owasco, P.C., another entity controlled by Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden then wired $150,000 to James Biden’s company, Lion Hall Group, of which $50,000 was withdrawn by Sara Biden (his wife). She deposited the funds into their personal account and cut a check to Joe Biden as “loan repayment.”

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said that impeachment proceedings could be voted on “very soon.” Comer indicated they’re waiting for a few more bank records and the subpoenas for the other Bidens. He indicated that nine other Bidens have been acting as intermediaries in the influence-peddling operation.

He said that even grandchildren were being used as vessels for the funds, possibly without their knowledge, which is why they must come in and testify.

Comer said that the deal with the Chinese went back to 2017 wherein Hunter Biden made a deal with a partner at CEFC demanding a $10 million payment. Those communications were seized and released by investigators, showing that Hunter Biden had used the threat of his father’s presence and involvement to extort the funds, which were delivered shortly after this conversation took place.

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